• Cerro Torre

    Patagonia had been my dream to visit for years and years. Watching the movie 180 Degrees South was the inspiration that made me want to visit this place the hard way.

  • Cusco

    The gateway to Machu Picchu, this city is bustling with tourists. There are amazing ruins in the city itself with the most amazing stonework I’ve ever seen.

  • Norton

    My only travel companion for over two months in South America. After an injury stopping my cycling, this was my two wheeled alternative.

  • Tetons

    The Tetons have long been my favorite mountain range in the USA. Driving through in early May before Yellowstone completely opens means there are almost no other people in the park.

  • Iceland

    There’s ice in Iceland?! One of my favorite countries solely for the scenery. I’ve been to Iceland twice in winter and am dreaming of going in summer.



I took a few photos during my last stretch of riding. I...

22nd Jun

Chachapoyas to Cajamarca Part II

Leaving Kuélap I retraced my way down the mountain to the river....

21st Jun

Chachapoyas to Cajamarca Part I

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19th Jun

Misfortunes in Ecuador

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Going South

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14th Jun


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11th Jun


Too lazy to write words. The first few are still from Colombia,...

11th Jun

To Ecuador!

Leaving Popayán, I went the scenic route on the most unforgettable road....

06th Jun

Buga to Popayán

I tried to stick to smaller roads, which turn out to have...

03rd Jun


My birthday was a smashing success. I was surprised by having Joanna,...

03rd Jun

Beer Can Stove

After shipping home my Trangia, I found the need to make a...

28th May