• Cerro Torre

    Patagonia had been my dream to visit for years and years. Watching the movie 180 Degrees South was the inspiration that made me want to visit this place the hard way.

  • Cusco

    The gateway to Machu Picchu, this city is bustling with tourists. There are amazing ruins in the city itself with the most amazing stonework I’ve ever seen.

  • Norton

    My only travel companion for over two months in South America. After an injury stopping my cycling, this was my two wheeled alternative.

  • Tetons

    The Tetons have long been my favorite mountain range in the USA. Driving through in early May before Yellowstone completely opens means there are almost no other people in the park.

  • Iceland

    There’s ice in Iceland?! One of my favorite countries solely for the scenery. I’ve been to Iceland twice in winter and am dreaming of going in summer.


Brain Drain

I got my lovely name quoted in the newspaper of my alma...

10th Sep

Labor Day

Where to go for Labor Day, the glorious three day weekend at...

01st Sep

North Cascades Hiking

My eldest brother and I hiked to Copper Lookout in North Cascades...

11th Aug


My beautiful apartment in Capitol Hill.

07th Aug

Family Reunion

Returning to the States was quite the whirlwind. First I had less...

31st Jul

Machu Picchu

I apologize in advance for the sheer number of pictures in this...

14th Jul


Cusco and Saqsayhuaman. Beautiful.

10th Jul


Ayacucho, the real Peru. The city is geographically separate from other big...

09th Jul

Hanging Around

I’ve been hanging around Lima for the past week, enjoying the good...

04th Jul

6 Months

Exactly 6 months abroad Just over 6,000 km cycled Just over 6,000...

01st Jul

A Lima

It took two days to get to Lima with one night in...

30th Jun

Huascarán National Park

I found my new favorite mountain range, but couldn’t spend enough time...

24th Jun