I lost my SPOT GPS in Colombia so this map needs to be manually updated.

Technical Details

This map is populated using a simple program I wrote running on my server. I have a Spot GPS device that has 5 different types of “check-ins” on it. When I press one a new dot of the same type will appear on this map. Magic! The Spot GPS is limited by this coverage map. Since I plan on going to Tierra del Fuego, I can also check in with my iPhone and an internet connection.

I will be using this device to send updates on my current trips. Click on the dots for more details and for the timestamp (incorrect for non-SPOT checkins). Select between my current trip and older trips.

See my code at github.com/pleskac/SpotLocator

5 Responses to “Location”

  • this is cool! looks like Thanksgiving bike trip to Anne’s? how easy is it to send location? more dots would be more accurate path, no?

    • I have almost 200 days in South America. I think one or two per day will give a good estimate of my trip without being too concerned about the battery life of my GPS device. All I have to do is press a button on my GPS and wait for it to send (which takes a couple minutes). The code I wrote makes it appear on the map almost instantly. A big drawback is the limited coverage in the far south.

      Stay tuned for a trial run in Iceland!

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