Well, to make life easier on my trip I decided to get...

29th Dec

Final Preparations

Argentina now requires the payment of their reciprocity fee (a mere $160...

26th Dec

Reykjavík – Iceland day 7

The final day of driving. Looking back, that was a considerable amount...

26th Dec

Borgarbyggð – Iceland day 6

The last day with Fisher. We stayed at Borgarbyggð (I didn’t even try...

26th Dec

Akureyri – Iceland day 5

After driving 75% around Iceland, a day of rest was well received....

26th Dec

East Fjords to Akureyri – Iceland day 4

Today we drove from Höfn to Akureyri via the East Fjords. The weather...

26th Dec

The South – Iceland day 3

The morning in Vík was spent exploring the beach. The black volcanic...

26th Dec

Golden Circle, Vík – Iceland day 2

Þingvellir was the first stop on the Golden Circle after getting our...

25th Dec

Reykjavik – Iceland day 1

The first day in Iceland was a long one. Departing at 6...

25th Dec

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve! Here’s a few photos from the gift unwrapping.

24th Dec

Reykjavik Preview

Here’s a preview of the first day in Reykjavik. Full posts to...

16th Dec

Stein Tool

The final tool purchase was a tiny lock ring remover. Normally to...

13th Dec