Since my last post I’ve been climbing in town, cycled through some...

02nd Dec


So…. what have I been doing recently? Cooking butternut squash soups. I...

17th Nov

Dinner Party

For Sunday dinner Matt and I started by making an apple pie...

27th Oct

Olympic National Park

Getting out of town for the weekend! I saw that while it...

20th Oct

Seattle Weekend

Recently I’ve found some time to take photos again. Microsoft hosted a...

05th Oct

Bike Work

Just realigning the chainrings and replacing parts of the drive train. Bike...

29th Sep

Fremont Oktoberfest

The title says it all. I don’t really have any good stories...

22nd Sep


I finally got around to hanging some more posters in my apartment....

15th Sep

Brain Drain

I got my lovely name quoted in the newspaper of my alma...

10th Sep


My beautiful apartment in Capitol Hill.

07th Aug

Roadtrip East

The trip home from Seattle was a busy 4 days. Stops in...

29th Aug

Gasworks Park

I really wanted to visit Gasworks Park to take photos of the...

26th Jul