Some Summer Hikes

Hikes to Mason Lake, Marmot Pass, Granite Mountain, and one near Lake...

07th Jul

Spring Sunset

30th Mar

Snow Sports

14th Jan


For the other Fuji enthusiasts, I’m really digging the classic chrome this...

09th Dec

Christmas Hiking

02nd Jan


My website was down for quite a while. Here’s the “finally got...

16th Nov

Birthday Weekend


16th Sep


I have some photos but am a little short on the stories....

12th May

Spring Cleaning

Now while I did clean my apartment and wash my floors, this...

31st Mar

Razor Clams

Friday: the most perfect day. Sunshine. No clouds. 55 degrees. Ocean. Sand....

01st Mar

A Ramble

I’m itching to get out on my fat bike for some single...

06th Feb

Weekend Winter Fun

A day to camp and climb. Wonderful. This was out near Vantage,...

20th Jan