Food Megapost

I originally drafted this post in Chile. Looking through my old drafts...

02nd Oct


I’ve now been in Bariloche longer than any other city in South...

22nd Feb

The Broken Bob

This post starts out as most things do when biking… with food!...

14th Feb

Wrecking Ripio

We did indeed get part of another day of riding on pavement....

11th Feb


Oh pavement… I LOVE PAVEMENT! Don’t take it for granted, commuters. Since...

08th Feb

Extra photos!

These are KC’s new rims and my treats for being awesome.

07th Feb

Cochrane to Coyhaique

Oh where to start…? Lets see. The night before we left Cochrane...

07th Feb


No photos! I lost a tiny adapter that let me post photos...

06th Feb

Spills and Thrills II

The first stretch of the world famous Carratera Austral. The most beautiful...

02nd Feb

El Chaltén to Villa O’Higgins

Thrills and spills (the alternate title). I made this on a real...

30th Jan

The Road to El Calatafe

The first day leaving Puerto Natales was quite eventful. The first 63...

23rd Jan

Torres del Paine

It’s pronounce ‘pine-ay’ for you English speakers out there. And it is...

19th Jan