Liechtenstein and Germany

26th Aug


14th Aug

Razor Clams

18th Feb

Razor Clams

Friday: the most perfect day. Sunshine. No clouds. 55 degrees. Ocean. Sand....

01st Mar

Methow Valley

This weekend I went on a much needed vacation. I took two...

28th Jan


Since my last post I’ve been climbing in town, cycled through some...

02nd Dec


So…. what have I been doing recently? Cooking butternut squash soups. I...

17th Nov

Dinner Party

For Sunday dinner Matt and I started by making an apple pie...

27th Oct

Food Megapost

I originally drafted this post in Chile. Looking through my old drafts...

02nd Oct

Labor Day

Where to go for Labor Day, the glorious three day weekend at...

01st Sep


Ayacucho, the real Peru. The city is geographically separate from other big...

09th Jul

A Lima

It took two days to get to Lima with one night in...

30th Jun