Grape Harvest

15th Oct

Cycling Oregon

06th Sep

Spring Cleaning

Now while I did clean my apartment and wash my floors, this...

31st Mar


The one in Canada. I finally busted out my DSLR after a...

24th Mar

(Not so) Chilly Hilly

Whoa… Sorry about the website being down for a few days. It...

25th Feb

Methow Valley

This weekend I went on a much needed vacation. I took two...

28th Jan

Bike Work

Just realigning the chainrings and replacing parts of the drive train. Bike...

29th Sep


My beautiful apartment in Capitol Hill.

07th Aug


Medellín…. A town so nice it’s easy to lose track of time....

23rd May

Shipping a Bike

Deciding to ship my bike back to the States was not an...

16th May

Bike Repairs

The town I’m in is called Chos Malal. It’s the largest town...

04th Mar

The End of Che?

Is this the end of my lovely bike, Che? I made it...

03rd Mar