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This page is where I'll be developing my wordpress replacement. My major issue with wordpress is how huge and bulky it is. All I want is a place to drop my photos for people to see, maybe add a few stories to those photos, and sometimes a custom page. Wordpress is built like a tank with some technologies I detest (read PHP). I'm going to finally learn web development through my latest project: this site.

So what should you expect to find? A broken site. For a long time.

Eventually the main page will look similar to the wordpress site. Boxes of photos, fullscreen, with a tiny border between them. Titles will be overlaid with a transparency. Infinite scroll.

Posts will be redone to center around my photography. Full width photos (regardless of device). Still with a little text. Maybe comments in the future.

The backend is currently running in node.js. I want to also create a golang version and compare ease of implementation and performance. Almost everything has been coded in vi on my server in production. This is why it can be broken a lot. See my code at my github account.