On November 24, 2012

With my larger tires, I also had to do something about my fenders. It was a bit of work getting almost-full-wrap fenders over my 50c tires, but it worked. Barely. I guess when Surly recommends 45c as the maximum tire size, they might know something about that. But I really want to run 50c tires when I’m on the ripio.

I got my fenders from a custom place in Portland. While they tried to accommodate my requests as best as possible through email, I still had to make some adjustments. These fenders look very nice. I’ll have to do something to cover up how nice they look (tape, cloth, paint, etc). I’ll make it removable in the hope they make it through the whole trip.

We started with the rear fender. The bracket was an ‘L’ shape originally. When installed in the upright shape, the fender was too close to the tire. When installed inverted, either the bracket hit the tire or it would be too high for the brake cables. The compromise was an elaborate bending of the bracket. This took a while to get right and to work, but it gave the most clearance without compromising the bracket by cutting it. The clearance is still close, but I plan on running 35c tires for a majority of my trip (hopefully).

The front fender by comparison was easy. It only required extending the cutout to include both the fork and the brake cables and bending the bracket slightly.

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