Tires, Tires, Tires

On November 6, 2012

Tires. What do I want? Long lasting and made for gravel and road. I thought I was set, but after seeing pictures of the ripio, I had another requirement: something that will actually roll over rough rock and mud. I decided to get 50c tires (50 mm wide). I got two foldable Schwalbe Marathon Dureme 700x50c tires. In order to make these fit on my Cross Check, I had to adjust the rear brake and remove the full wrap fenders. I’ll be looking into some different fenders to replace the small ones.

I don’t plan on using these fat tires on my entire trip. From what I can gather, the roads south are pretty bad but get better the further north I travel. I’ll probably start with these monsters on my bike, then switch to a pair of Schwalbe Mondail 700x40c tires. These will be good for roads and even rough gravel. The Mondails might actually be better for the ripio with the extra tread. There’s only one way to find out…

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