On November 4, 2012

It was time to do something about my Brooks saddle. I could feel that the leather had sagged considerably in the 2 years I owned it. I tried to use the tightening bolt but the entire spindle turned, rendering my efforts useless. After reading how to work around this, I heard that lacing the saddle was a better option. I decided to go this route.

Not reading any tutorials on how to lace my saddle, I jumped right in. I just noticed that as I sat on it, the bottom sides splayed out, causing the saddle to sag. Squeezing about where the Brooks logo is stamped, I could adjust the tension as I sat on the saddle. Using a leather hole punch, I punched 4 holes around this area and laced it with a leather shoelace. The shoelace is fairly loose without a load on the saddle. Once I sit on it, the laces are taught, giving me some sag but not too much. Eventually I can tighten the laces as the leather stretches more.

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