Spokes, Tires, and Tape

On October 10, 2012

New bike gear arrived!

I went to Monkey Wrench Cycles in Lincoln to get extra spokes. They measure and cut the spokes as you wait, and have the most helpful staff. I got two spokes of each size. The front wheel has the longest spokes, the drive side of the rear wheel has the shortest spokes, and the non-drive side are in the middle. Since spoke replacement is rare (cross my fingers), I wanted to store them in a location that wouldn’t be in the way. I decided to put them in my BOB trailer, in a recess between a tube and the bottom panel.

Spare spokes


Spoke storage in BOB


I also purchased a computer (speedometer, odometer, etc) at Monkey Wrench. It is the Cateye Enduro. It has 9 functions including carbon offset and caloric use. I didn’t want these functions, but rather chose it for the heavy duty wiring. I’m mostly interested in the total and trip mileage. I’ll have to manually record these to get daily mileage.

Cateye Enduro


Earlier in the week I got a long cage water bottle. I was hoping to put this on the back of the BOB to store fuel, but unfortunately the fuel bottles don’t fit. I could tie them in, but I’ll look for a more elegant solution. This cage is suited to hold 1.5 liter plastic bottles like the big bottled waters you buy in grocery stores. It is only slightly adjustable to fit different heights of bottles, but is made for that small cap. I think it will still be super useful so put it on the frame itself.

Long cage


Finally I bought an extra foldable tire. I will eventually get another, but this tire is very expensive. I decided to go with 35c tires, so hopefully this isn’t a huge mistake when I hit the ripio (super rough road) I keep hearing about. In the end, I’ll have two Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 tires on my bike (suuuuuuper durable) and two foldable Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HS 382 tires as backup.

Foldable tire


I went to the hardware store to get denatured alcohol for my stove and also picked up some duct tape (and gorilla tape). This always comes in handy so I’m testing spots to store it. Besides a Nalgene (my usual backpacking tape spot), I put some under my seat on the seat post. Hopefully it’s easy to take off in the future.

Tape storage


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