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On August 29, 2012

This week I stripped most of the decals off of my bike. Surly bikes make this process easier as they don’t paint a clear coat over the stickers. Here are Surly’s tips for removing their decals.

I used my university id and my thumb nails (ouch!) to remove the stickers from the seat stays, chain stays, top tube, down tube, and fork. This process did start to ruin my id so I switched to a clear plastic case that some bike lights came in. Patience and plenty of time helped the most.

The first stickers getting flaked off

The “badge” or metal insignia on the head tube was also easy to remove (it was just glued on, but not with the super sticky glue). I was able to slide one end of my id under to get it started. The rest just peeled right off.

Head tube badge removed

The hardest sticker to remove was the bright yellow bike shop sticker. After picking it off it left a super sticky glue residue. To remove this, I used Goo Gone and took an old inner tube to rub off all of the extra glue. It took a lot of elbow grease to get all of the glue off.

Cool bike shop… hard sticker to remove

Bike shop sticker removed. The Surly sticker is there for good.

Finally the rims had two stickers each. These were the second hardest set to remove. I’m happy with how they all came off and my Cross Check now looks clean and speedy. As an added bonus, my bike is now dubbed the “SS Che” or just “Che” for short.

“SS Che”

I’m still deciding whether to paint Che flat black or to leave the paint as is. I think with a little dirt and dust this bike can look as old as it can be. Future work will include adding a “granny gear” to make this a better touring bike and new bar tape. Mountains will be conquered.

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