(Not so) Chilly Hilly

On February 25, 2014

Whoa… Sorry about the website being down for a few days. It looks like my Windows Azure VM hit a big problem where it wasn’t responding on any port. Then it wouldn’t restart. I read that changing the instance size would bring it back, so welcome to the new, super-powerful blog with even more memory and more processing cores! (Still pretty disappointed in that Azure interaction).

Well this doesn't look good.

Well this doesn’t look good.


Everything is now back up and running, so let’s get on with the good stuff! This weekend my buddy KC (you might remember him from my cycling trip in South America) came to Seattle and spent a day with me. We rode the Chilly Hilly together. It’s a 30+ mile road ride with over 2500 feet in elevation gain. The ride starts on Bainbridge Island so a ferry is involved. I rode my fat bike with some 3.5 inch “road” tires that turned out to be the ultimate conversation starter among the plethora of (expensive) road bikes. See some professional photos I won’t be buying here.

PS – Still looking for someone seriously interested in cycle touring Iceland this summer. It will be a rad trip.

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