New Year!

On January 1, 2014

First post of the year!! It’s healthy to make goals. Very healthy. So what’s up my sleeve? Here’s a list for 2014:

  • Fat bike bikepacking (fat bikepacking?) Iceland for 2+ weeks
  • Trip back to the midwest for Tom’s wedding
  • Cross country skiing Eastern WA in January
  • Moving apartments (and saving money)
  • Printing a coffee table book
  • Finishing my new blog
  • STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride, if I can get registered)
  • RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party)
  • Other miscellaneous trips to Chicago/California/Hawaii (pick one or two)

And since I was feeling inspired, here’s what 2013 brought in:

  • That one trip. You know. 6.5 months in SA on a bike and motorcycle.
  • Moving to Seattle
  • Family reunion
  • Starting my first job
  • Downhill skiing for the first time

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