Family Reunion

On July 31, 2013

Returning to the States was quite the whirlwind. First I had less than 2 days in Lincoln to catch up with friends and pack up all of my belongings. I spent the next few days driving to Seattle with my sister and moving into my apartment. Less than 2 days in Seattle and I left again, driving to Oregon for a family reunion. I’m still not quite settled I’ve been on the move consistently for the last 7 months. Here’s a few(!) pictures from the time I’ve had here.

To my siblings, if there are more specific photos or extras you’d like let me know. I have almost 600 photos so getting the entire set would have to be via snail mail and will take a long time (mostly for my motivation to send it out).

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  • Looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for the pics Mark. Especially the blueberry picking and the pie! Yummmm.

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