Machu Picchu

On July 14, 2013

I apologize in advance for the sheer number of pictures in this post but I use this website as a backup as well as a blog.

Machu Picchu, the magical ruins on a mountaintop in the cloud forest of Peru. We arrived in the “medium expensive” way. We took a combi/collectivo to Ollantaytambo from Cusco. I bargained for a few soles off of the set price. Then we took the expensive train to Aguas Calientes, the town closest and directly below the ruins. There are no roads to Aguas Calientes so you can either take the train (fun!) or hike along the tracks to save some money. We then woke up early the next day to hike the 15 minutes to the “ruinas” bridge which opens at 5AM to hike an hour more up some stone stairs to the gate. We waited a few minutes near the front of the line before they opened the gates.

Since the tickets to the Temple of the Moon and Wayna Picchu were sold out (you buy them in the city now), we hiked up to the Sun Gate first. We then walked downhill most of the time visiting the ruins along the way. The tour groups and tourists made the ruins very crowded as the morning wore on, which I wasn’t a fan of after having many sites in Peru completely to myself. The well kept grounds and beautiful views made up for that.

My map is now complete. This is the last stop on my trip before I return to Lima!

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