6 Months

On July 1, 2013

Exactly 6 months abroad
Just over 6,000 km cycled
Just over 6,000 km on a moto
6 months without a haircut
6 countries visited on two wheels
16 days left in South America

Norton has been sold! I no longer own a motorcycle.

I’ve changed as a person, and not just physically. Reading my journal from the first few weeks I can’t help but smile at all of my naïve fears of traveling alone and being on my first cycling trip. I worried constantly, was unsure of myself, and had a different view of the world, people, and myself.

I’m excited for the future, the changes this trip brought, and to continue living an adventurous lifestyle.


3 Responses to “6 Months”

  • Mark, Congratulations…what a trip! I’m so glad you had fun on this great adventure! Ya think it’ll be hard to come back to the states and a different daily routine?

    • Short answer: yes. And no.

      Moving and starting a new life, a new city, and new routine will make it easier. Not traveling and meeting so many new amazing people will still be hard.

  • thanks for sharing all the photos and updates, just getting caught up and looking forward to seeing you in person in a few weeks!

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