A Lima

On June 30, 2013

It took two days to get to Lima with one night in a town where the only redeeming quality was street churros hot from the fryer. Yum! Lima is one huge city and driving not town required every bit of nerve and concentration. It’s everybody for themselves on the roads in Latin America, but when you have this many people all trying to get to their destination as fast as possible, things get hairy. Lima has been relaxing for me as I “try” to sell Norton, my motito as I like to call him. Ask for a low enough price and there’s a lot less work. I’m just drinking coffee, eating excellent food that doesn’t contain rice and chicken, fixing my gear, and people watching. I need a mental and physical break before switching things up and going to Machu Picchu, then heading home. The weaker is beautiful today, but it has been rainy the last few days. Lima is not the place I’d typically spend a week, but I’m making an exception.

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