On June 19, 2013

I rode into Peru on a very deserted border crossing. It is Ecuador’s shame as Peru’s road is newly paved and Ecuador’s is single lane, muddy, and potholed. So much for the best roads, Ecuador… I did meet a solo Scottish cyclist heading north, so it wasn’t completely abandoned. I had to go to two buildings a few blocks away on the Peruvian side just to get an entrance stamp. The agent asked me how long is be in Peru and I said about four weeks. He made my visa for 30 days, which isn’t quite long enough so I had to ask him to change the 3 to an 8 so I’d have enough time if I don’t go to Bolivia. Then I had to go to a third building to get the peppers for my moto, Norton. I only have a temporary permit, meaning I can’t sell or keep Norton for more than 90 days in the country. This will get interesting. Along the road there are lots of people drying coffee and cocoa beans for eventual sale. I need to get a picture of this. Today I’m planning on seeing the infrequently visited ruins of Kuélap, second to only Machu Picchu I hear.

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