Going South

On June 14, 2013

Norton and I felt like riding the past few days. We covered a lot of ground which may help my dream of going back into Bolivia. Ecuador has amazing paved roads, a brand new railway, and top notch infrastructure in general. All that oil money and black mail money being put to good use. Norton got his first oil change. While I was waiting the cutest girl came and talked to me. She asked “¿por qué?” to everything I said. Speaking of gas prices, I can really get used to this $1.48 per gallon.

I drove near quinoa farms, which are visually stunning. I think all crop land should be this beautiful (looking at you, Nebraska). I’m getting back into an area with more indigenous population. It makes me miss Bolivia but really makes me feel at home (even when I’m the one that sticks out the most). I’m excited to see what Peru will be like (in a few days!). Also this paragraph has too many parenthesis, I’m sure an old writing professor of mine is cringing.

It’s been overcast and rainy recently, but I had one glorious morning of sunshine followed by an afternoon of amazing rainbows. There were rainbows shimmering from the ground like the northern lights, others only visible in the clouds, and normal rainbows of course. My rubber shoe covers have almost disintegrated by too much walking and let my pants get wet so I bought some cheap gaucho boots. Those are rubber boots. I don’t know what cowboy boots are called, but all the farmers, motorcyclists, and road construction crew wear these.

I just had to try the roast pig after seeing so many of these on the side of the road. I also saw roast guinea pig (or rat?), but neither tasted nor took photos of that. The pig was remarkably delicious. Towards the end of my meal the owners were unloading 4 pigs from a pickup and down a few flights if stairs. Of course the pigs didn’t want to move so there was lots of squealing. It didn’t put me off my appetite but I could see someone with a weak stomach not being able to handle it.

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