On June 11, 2013

I’m finally feeling the pressure of trying to cram in all of the things I just have to do in this trip. I decided to spend just one night in Quito to avoid being trapped by the city. Unfortunately I barely missed seeing Zach, Erin, Joanna, and Garret one last time. But I’ll see the last two in Iceland next spring. I did get to meet up with Patricia which made me beyond happy.

On the way into town I spontaneously pulled off the highway where there happened to be a ski lift thing to the top of a mountain. At 4,000 m I felt at home, loving the crisp air despite it already being noon. I’d like to live at altitude once in my life.

After Quito I rode around Volcán Cotopaxi. Unfortunately it was entirely covered in clouds, but the drive was amazing. That’s usually what counts anyway.

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