Beer Can Stove

On May 28, 2013

After shipping home my Trangia, I found the need to make a cheap, lightweight stove. Eric taught me how to make a pop/beer can stove that burns alcohol similar to a Trangia. There’s lots of tutorials online but I thought I’d add to the mass of information.

The materials needed are two beer cans, a knife to cut aluminum, aluminum tape, and a long screw. Enjoying the beer right before making the stove makes for a better experience as some of these tasks are tedious.

The first step is to cut the bottom circle off of one of the cans. The aluminum is thick here so score a neat circle first, then keep cutting on the same groove until the bottom finally pops out.



Next fashion a tool out of the screw. I bought short screws so it was important to add some padding.


Use your new tool to “drill” holes in the perimeter of the outer circle of your can. This is very tedious. Start with four equally spaces holes then keep bisecting the sections with more holes until there’s not enough space.




Next we need to cut this can to make the top of the stove. Use a platform to steady the knife and score a straight line, then extend the knife to “saw” the bottom of the can off.



To make the bottom of the stove we need to cut off the bottom of the second can. This can will also serve as the inner wall so be sure to save a strip of aluminum with some choice logos/words. After cutting off the bottom and a strip, cut open the circle to get a flat piece of aluminum.





The inner wall is key. It needs to have a straight, clean cut on the top and bottom. To measure the length needed, wrap the strip in a circle so it nests inside the lip of a can. Then make a small cut in the middle if the overlap.


Unwrap the strip and make two incisions (one on top, the other on bottom), hallway through the strip. This will let you wrap the aluminum in a circle and lock it in place. Cut some notches on the bottom of the strip to allow fuel to flow to the outer ring. Use the aluminum tape to hold the circle shape.




Next you just need to nest the three pieces together. Put your inner wall circle in the bottom half, then put the top piece over the bottom piece. It’s tricky to nest two cans the same diameter together so use the back of the knife to “stretch” the top half and push in any prices of the bottom half. If you measured the logo of the inner wall correctly you can make some pretty cool designs!



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