On May 23, 2013

Medellín…. A town so nice it’s easy to lose track of time. This town has amazing nightlife, amazing people, and amazing food. I met three people on motorcycles traveling from the USA to Argentina on my first day. Talking to them convinced me to buy my own motorcycle. I also met two solo cyclists traveling together and had the chance to get my hands dirty fixing a bike again. I missed having my bike but a short time at the climbing gym reminded me why I stopped. I have tons of great memories from this city but I’m ready to move on and travel again. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some amazing (and some not so amazing) stories, play a bunch of pool, have some beer with friends, plan a trip to Iceland, and make some awesome custom stickers.

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  • A climbing wall?! I’ve been bad about going here. What do your stickers look like?

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