Cartagena y Playa Blanca

On May 13, 2013

Cartagena is a popular tourist destination due to the charming walled city. I unfortunately failed to see as much of the charm as most people, probably being spoiled by Europe and the nice weather in La Paz. It is hot and humid (after a rain) without an easily accessible beach. It is the perfect place to stroll and hang out in a restaurant or cafe, lazily watching other people without plans or appointments.

I started a new map for the “backpacking” part of my trip. You can find that and my old cycling map on the Location link above.

Playa Blanca is the closest beautiful beach. It was full of Colombians taking advantage of the holidays. There are quite a few people trying to sell you anything like jet ski rides, massages, beer, mangoes, clothing, and souvenirs. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. The water was the perfect temperature. I went solo on the boat and if it weren’t for the three Argentinians I met I would never figured out where and when to go back to the boat. We had fresh fish for lunch which was delicious. I’m sure during the weekday this place is far from busy but I enjoyed watching the locals take advantage of the holiday. People watching is one of my favorite things.

2 Responses to “Cartagena y Playa Blanca”

  • How did you get from La Paz, Bolivia to Cartagena, Columbia? Bus? Plane? How long did it take you?
    The boys want to tell you they loved the dancing video. If you have any more videos of the festival, be sure to post them! You take a lot of pictures of statues….are you learning who the people are by reading Spanish plaques? When was the wall of the city made? /How old is the city? These last two posts brought a lot of questions!! 🙂
    –Anne, Max, Ben, & Sebastian

    • I took a plane which was 6 hours or so. Next I’m going to bus south and end up in Lima for my flight home in July.

      Cartagena was founded in 1533. The walls are from the 17th century and took 200 years to build. There’s 11 km of walls. Wikipedia has this information worded better and some other interesting facts 🙂

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