Shipping a Bike

On May 16, 2013

Deciding to ship my bike back to the States was not an easy decision. I decided my trip could use some perspective and I wanted a chance to see how normal people “backpack” through South America. I can say that after less than a week of “backpacking” that I miss traveling by bike more than I ever imagined. I don’t feel like I have a sense of Colombia the same way that I know Bolivia or Argentina or Chile. For me cycle touring has become the best way to visit a new country. I miss so many aspects of cycling that I spend a considerable amount of time planning my next adventure. I’ve been enlightened by a fellow cyclist/motor bicyclist/traveler on cross-discipline crazy stupid fun travel. Imagine mountain biking with a pack raft going through terrain that would seem impossible to traverse. I’m getting some serious planning done in my spare time and have my next two trips lined up. If you’re interested in joining on an epic 2 week adventure, drop me a line.

Back to my original post… FedEx only ships commercial shipments so refused to take my bike. They directed me to the national post, where a lady at the desk told me they’d pack and ship my bike no problem. I was stoked. I showed up the next day (I just rode my bike into the post office) and was directed to the basement. They helped me pack it but refused to help me pad my gear and quickly had the boxes sealed up. I hope my frame makes the journey unscathed or at all. It cost over 2000 Bolivianos which I had to pay I cash. I felt like such a king holding all of that money at once.

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  • Curious – so where are your next trips? Maybe you are just not used to your new mode of transportation. It may just take time!

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