La Paz

On May 6, 2013

La Paz has been my rest city for my knee. I’ve explored many areas, some on accident, most on purpose. There is an extraordinary amount of public transportation. It costs 1-1.50 Bolivianos per ride. The hard part is figuring out which minibus or converted school bus to jump on. They all have neon signs in the windshield stating the areas where they are going. Luckily if you take the wrong one there’s another mini going the other way an you get a cheap tour of the suburbs.

I’ve spent lots of time enjoying the amazing coffee spots. I love coffee. I’ve also discovered many delicious restaurants. It was the first time I’ve seen a vegetarian, Mexican, or Indian restaurant. I never looked too hard before this.

La Paz is trying to get voted as best city or something so they had a festival/fair for kids on Sunday. It was complete with puppet shows, live music, good food, ethnic dancing, jump ropes, chess boards, and play areas with tons of blocks. So much fun!

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