Mountainous Cycling and Sucre’s Market

On April 16, 2013

I rode from Potosí to Sucre in one day. As Federico said, ” we are machines.” I fueled my body with 5 L of water and 8 large empeñadas. The guy selling me the empeñadas was trying to explain they were filled with juice, but I only realized that after biting into one making a huge mess. The road had a protest/strike halfway through. I passed through without problems but others were left to walk through the 4 km of roadblocks and try to find transportation on the other side. Semis were just stopped.

As for the road it was as I expected. The first 90 km only had two climbs and one awesome descent. The roadblock prevented traffic so I could take the incredibly steep and twisty turns at twice the recommended speed for cars. I can bank my bike and the Bob trailer extremely well. Downhill cycle touring should be a sport, it’s so exhilarating. After those 90 km was 60 km of uphill with one 10 km downhill. I’ve learned not to trust distances or ascent/descents from locals. Bolivia is mountainous and there will always be hard climbs. Nothing is flat and nothing is all downhill.

As for Sucre, I found my heaven. A huge market with absolutely anything you want to buy in bulk. Perfectly ripe fruits and veggies. Fresh made juice. Picante sauce that will melt your face off. Peeled garlic. Pastas. Potatoes. Nuts. All sorts of colorful spices. Delicious food for insanely cheap prices. It’s not even worth it to cook here. Cyclist heaven.

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