The Broken Bob Part II

On March 15, 2013

Well… On my way out of Mendoza (a few kilometers from my hostel) I felt a familiar instability in my bike. The wobble after hitting a bump or leaning was out of control. I stopped and sure enough, the other side of the yolk of my BOB trailer had cracked completely through. A lady working one of the many roadside coffee and hot water stands came up to me asking if I popped a tire. Nope, I just need to weld. She gave me directions to one close by, which was super nice….. if I could understand directions people give me. You’d think I would’ve learned that by now. Well after a half hour stopping by every place that looked like it would have a welder I finally found one. This was more of a custom fabrication place with some very nice looking pieces laying around. They decided to outfit my trailer with a some more support so this won’t happen again (in that spot). They also replaced the rivet that holds the pin when the trailer isn’t hooked up. When I said my dad worked with steel too, the owner brought out his photo album showing some impressive things he’s made.

Once the trailer was fixed, I decided to continue out of Mendoza. If I hadn’t, I might have stayed in Mendoza for another week (I liked it that much). I made it to Agua Media with one crash that left holes in my handlebar bag and yellow BOB dry sack, as well as skewing my left hood. I stayed in a campground that was already closed for winter so it was free.

Rather than bike to a town closer to a provincial park I want to see, I decided to take the short trip to San Juan to figure out how to patch the holes in my dry sacks and take a bus out to the park and back.

2 Responses to “The Broken Bob Part II”

  • The Spanish teacher in me wants an hour with you to teach you Spanish directions. Oh well. Carry on!/¡Adelante!

    • I wish I could get some lessons. The next bilingual I meet will be teaching me directions

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