The Road to Mendoza

On March 9, 2013

I’m exhausted. Here’s some highlights:

In Malargüe I found out Routa 40 is ripio for a long ways. I decided to go on pavement which took me near San Rafael.

The first stretch was 170 km to 25 de Mayo.

In this little town I was looking for cheap camping. I found a place and the guy showed me his cabaña. I asked how much and he said 200 pesos. I said I’d take the carpa (tent) option which was free and still got use of his bathroom. He looked at me and said, “No carpa este noche” or something like that and showed me the bed where I happily rolled out my sleeping bag. Score.

On the way to San Carlos there were tons of tomato trucks and a few of apples. I finally saw one stopped and talked to the guy. He had a friend in Seattle, gave me as many tomatoes as I wanted, and gave me ice water. Yum. Evidently his tires were way too hot to drive which is why he was stopped.

After 100 km of desert, I made it to San Carlos and its sister town [I forgot the name]. I went for the free camping option in the plaza where some group was dancing with loud music until 12:30 or so. Then at 3 AM the police woke me up and said it wasn’t safe to camp here, there’s “bad boys”. Delirious I bike to the other plaza, go the wrong way, figure it out, decide that one was unsafe since it was so secluded, keep biking, say that’s stupid, then camp out in a bus stop until light. Whew.

So I make it to Mendoza by noon for a beer and soda and shower. I had ice cream in the previous town.

My first impressions of Mendoza are huge, beautiful, and very appealing. I’m excited to spend a few days exploring and resting.

Pics go with the pseudo-story kinda.

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  • I’m glad you’re taking some down time to take care of yourself! What an amazing journey! Take care!

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