Bike Repairs

On March 4, 2013

The town I’m in is called Chos Malal. It’s the largest town in a several hundred kilometer radius but there’s a reason you haven’t heard of it. When my bike broke on Sunday and I was trying to fix it with the help of a local, I mentioned needing to go to Mendoza for a bike shop. I didn’t think this town had a bike shop since I only found one coffee place on Saturday (I judge all towns by coffee). He informed me there was a shop in town with the part I needed and gave me the letterhead to a receipt with an address. I stayed the night in town and went there in the morning. It was a tiny shop but well equipped. The owner was nice and it was helpful to show him pictures of what happened. He had the exact same derailleur to replace it, cleaned the threads of the hanger, and installed the new derailleur. He said he didn’t need to bend the hanger so I must have done a good enough job myself on Saturday.

My bike now shifts smoother than ever and I switched back to discrete shifting (since I have a friction shifter I can switch between having it click between gears or one continuous motion). I also put two water bottle cages on my BOB trailer to get ready for longer stretches in the desert/pampas and splurged on a real cycling jersey. I decided to take the rest of Monday off since I realized I’m about halfway to Lima and am in no need of going too fast. I’m super excited to get back on my bike and plan a route out of Mendoza. I’ve heard of a few cool spots in the mountains of Argentina and if time permits I’ll go past Lima into Ecuador and maybe even Columbia. It’s good to know that if something catastrophic happens to my bike I can always get a cheap used replacement. The BOB trailer is flexible in that regard. I’m sure this isn’t the end of my bike problems but its good to know most things can be fixed.

Another side note, since it’s now March (must… not… shave… March….), I updated my stats page with mileage (kilometerage).

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