Routa 40

On March 2, 2013

I’m trying to write this while stuffing my face with pizza at a restaurant that opened early at 7:00 for me. It usually opens at 8:00.

The last three days I rode a total of over 400 km on my way to Mendoza. The scenery on Routa 40 is gigantic. Huge vistas and overlooks, not many people, cars, or houses. It’s easy to camp “in the bush” as an Australian I met put it but even easier to stop at a house to ask. That way you’ll get water and a bathroom. I haven’t met any long distance cyclists since Bariloche which isn’t too astonishing. Most people travel south and its getting too cold to go very far that direction. My days are in the 70s. When its sunny and the 60s when it’s cloudy. I played a game of avoiding the rain clouds when leaving Zapala. I think I won. Or at least got partial credit.

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