Bike Maintenance

On February 26, 2013

Still recovering from the sickness I decided to take a day off in Junin de los Andes. It’s much drier and hotter than San Martin but also much cheaper. I had to readjust the left brake hood after all of the crashes on the Carratera made it askew. I only use it on pavement so I’m just now getting around to fixing it. I also am double wrapping my bars for comfort. I’m obviously not the best at wrapping, but I didn’t want to rewrap them nor do I care if they are perfect. I don’t really use the tops of the bars which is why I wasn’t concerned with covering them. The only color the shop had was white…. I’ll bet they stay that way for about 10 minutes. Tomorrow’s project is a slow leak in the trailer wheel, adjusting my brakes, and adjusting my rear derailleur. Good thing I learned this stuff!

Also watching FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid is quite enjoyable!

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