On February 22, 2013

I’ve now been in Bariloche longer than any other city in South America. Arriving on Monday I was waiting for a package from my parents to arrive. It finally did on Thursday and within 15 minutes of having it in my hands I had an episode of getting sick (to put it nicely). I’m taking Friday to recover and should be on my way shortly. KC left on Wednesday and will probably be going back into Chile to skip the horrible roads in Bolivia and go through the Atacama Desert instead. ¡Buen viaje!

I have a bunch of photos from my DSLR that I haven’t been able to post, so here are a select few. The first photo is beautiful, but that’s the spot where I lost my camera adapter. The iceberg lake and hard-to-see glacier was at the end of the Enchanted Forest hike. There’s some more pictures of my broken trailer and the repair as well as proof of my rafting in Futaleufu. The last four photos are from Bariloche. I guess companies can sponsor street signs and regrettably that was the first McDonald’s I’ve seen on my trip.

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