Riding Solo

On February 15, 2013

Goodbye Chile! I had a wonderful time on the Carratera but after Futaleufu it was a short 9 km of pavement to Argentina where I’ll be spending the next few months.

As for the post title, KC and I split up temporarily. I was feeling pretty bad on the bike from Trevelin to Esquel so decided to call it a day here in Esquel. I’m in no rush and don’t need to feel worse than I already do. KC is going to push for El Bolsón today, another 162 km I just found out. I’m going to do that bit tomorrow and meet him there. Perhaps. It’s hard to know for sure, I might just split that up in two parts. Luckily it is all pavement but there is a lot of traffic.

In Trevelin I went a little (lot) overboard with the grocery purchase. Luckily the BOB doesn’t need to close completely….

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