The Broken Bob

On February 14, 2013

This post starts out as most things do when biking… with food! The first plate was free lunch from that lady at the place where we waited out the rain. The second is dinner. So much meat… so good!!

There was a lot of construction out of La Junta. They are working in making the Carratera flatter, wider, and smoother. Right now it’s still really rough though. To those worried that I can’t survive biking in the rain, I did. The last day of the Carratera for KC and I ended in Villa Santa Lucia. We found a cabin at this fancy cabin place to stay. It was run down but had a wood stove, kitchen, beds, and a bathroom for super cheap. We celebrated with a few beers too.

Turning off the famous Carratera Austral to the famous Futaleufu began with 30 km of sun and little to no rain. It drizzled a little after that when I felt my bike get really shaky and unstable when drifting between sections of road without washboard. Stopping to look I noticed my BOB trailer had broke right after the weld on one of the supports (see the picture). I was right next to a house so asked if they had a welder (I make great sound effects thanks to watching my dad weld all the time). Turns out the word is soldear or something. They didn’t have one but said a camping place 4 km after the bridge did (which was 4-5 km from the house). The trailer luckily held up until then but the guy who could weld such a fine (thin) metal was at a different place doing a day job. We decided to kill the time by going RAFTING in some world class rapids!! Class IV + rapids, jumping off a 6.5 m cliff into the river, going down a Class I rapid without the raft, and learning curse words in Spanish were all highlights. Such a rush….

The next morning I got my trailer welded and we headed into the town of Futaleufu. Of course food was on the mind and we destroyed some burgers and 1.5 liters of sodas a piece. Dodged a bullet with the trailer but got some pretty cheap and thrilling rafting out of the deal.

7 Responses to “The Broken Bob”

  • Wow, cannot believe you paddled on the Futaleufu. Yes, indeed, world class rapids! I believe you are owed a new BoB on your return. Godspeed!

    • I agree, this trailer is less than 6 months old. I’ll have to figure out some customer service contact sometime. This river is fantastic and we camped with some kayakers dirtbagging it out here. Super cool people and their stories are awesome… Makes me want to learn river kayaking!

      • Mark, I can set you up with some kayak instructors in the PNW on your return. I would enjoy kayaking some rivers with you.

  • Hey Mark! Just wanted to stop by and let you know I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures the last few weeks. Your trip is very inspirational and the blog is super helpful for when I will plan a tour of my own. Keep the posts coming!

  • I can’t believe that a BoB broke after six months! Crazy stuff Mark. Sounds like more good times though – I was just telling Jake Smith last night how your trip was inspiring me to plan something epic after I finish school. Stay alive out there in the big world!

    • I’m not too surprised given the abuse from the roads and weight. I can’t wait to find out what you end up doing, I’m sure it will be spectacular!

  • Say hello to KC if he’s still with you. If he is, let him know I’m sending his allowance to his parents house. Love the stories and pics…beautiful! Let me know if there’s anything you guys need from the states. Can send it ahead for pickup if need be.

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