On February 6, 2013

No photos! I lost a tiny adapter that let me post photos 🙁 I´m working on fixing that (please…).

Here´s the short update, I´ll tell some details later.

En route to getting to Coyhaique KC broke 4(!) spokes. His rear wheel is toast. We were about to get to Coyhaique a day early by bike, but ended up taking a bus for the last 100 km. Luckily this accident happened only 5 km from Villa Cerro Castillo so we were able to hobble back to the bus stop and not lose any time. All is well and we´re getting the wheels fixed, new rims, new spokes all for a low price. This is basically the only bike shop in this part of the world so we are very lucky. I´ll try to get some photos up soon because we´ve had some awesome experiences!

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