El Chaltén

On January 28, 2013

Sometimes plans change. Rather than camp in the backcountry, we decided to camp in town and do a day hike. Laziness and my tired legs were part of that decision. We stuck around to watch a live tango and band from Buenos Aires preform. Spectacular!

After the tango KC realized he lost his waterproof rain jacket. Bummer. After a fruitless search we saw a construction site on the way to some other unknown free camping. We decided to go for it and slept with a roof. Score for not setting up the tent! Fitz Roy did look amazing this morning with the moon…

After a big and late breakfast we headed up the ascent to Fitz Roy. The last hour was extremely steep but well worth it. Sitting in the glory of Fitz Roy was incredible. I can see why so many people want to visit and climb it. We also ran into our Belgian friends again. We’ll probably be taking the same Wednesday ferry to Via O’Higgins unless for some reason we’re able to make both ferries in one day. That probably won’t happen. Back at the hostel we cooked up a gourmet dinner. Three eggs on a burger with onion, tomato, and cheese. Chips and beer on the side. Soooo worth it after the all-you-can-eat pizza was twice the price and still closed at 7. And then a quarter kilo of homemade ice cream. Yum. I guess the Canadian was partially right about Americans liking their sweets… or maybe long distance cyclists.

I’m picking up a few of KC’s tricks. With the app MapsWithMe I can download entire countries to my phone or tablet. Since my phone has a GPS chip I can switch it off airplane mode for a bit to get my exact location. This is in case I get lost or conventional maps fail me. I don’t have any worries of phone charges since Sprint uses CDMA which isn’t globally compatible. The only downside is that maps for a country can reach 50-80 MB. Definitely download them before you go, it takes forever with a slow connection.

KC was sad a few of his thoughts and sayings didn’t make it on my blog. Here they are:
* Mud for hikers is like ripio/wind for bikers.
* I did jump off my bike and lie on the side of the road on the way to El Calatafe. I did break more than allowed/usual. I’m not army hardcore.
* “You’re not writing these quotes on your blog are you?”
* It takes a special woman….
* The steeper the climb, the better the views.
* You can tell a lot about a person by their (touring) bike. He then refused to tell me what I’m like.

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    And learn how to tango. Cause its neat.
    Also, I’m mega jealous of your life right now. I’m looking at this to take a break from my CPA test studying. And homework. And everything else. Hope you’re having some extra fun for me!

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