El Calatafe to El Chaltén

On January 26, 2013

Riding 216 km (130 mi) in one day, fuly loaded with gear and food for three days was insane. My longest bike ride ever in any metric you choose. We left around 8 am from El Calatafe and got to El Chaltén after the sun went behind the mountains at 10 pm. The wind picked up for the last 70 km or so which was pretty rough. It was very rewarding seeing the tip of Fitz Roy in the distance and riding all the way to the base of the mountain.

On the way we met back up with a Canadian, Julianna, who bought a car in Chile and is driving around Argentina and Chile for a few months. Way cool. She got a hole in her gas tank from the ripio though. Not surprising given the size of the car. We also stumbled on the place where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hung out. Super random happenstance.

Next up is some hiking and relaxing in El Chaitén before crossing the birder to Villa O’Higgins, Chile.

These photos are all out of order but I think you can figure it out…

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