Perito Moreno Glacier

On January 24, 2013

Perito Moreno glacier… touristy for a reason. It’s very impressive. Ice crashes to the waters below every so often which sounds like a huge boom of thunder.

We met up with Gotye and Basil (the Belgians from the ferry to Punta Arenas) and they will likely be taking the same route and time to El Chaltén. Alex and Luis (the Columbians) are doing the same route and times as well so we may be having lots of great company on the ride. We think it will take two days but are planning food for three days in case the wind makes the 211 km too hard.

I swapped tires on my bike because I can. These are smaller so hopefully mud won’t cake in the fenders. I wanted to ride them on the Caraterra Austral so I’ll have a few days on pavement to break them in.

Since there isn’t much text, here is what I ate from Puerto Natales to the junction of Routa 40 and Routa 7 (~150 km). I ate too much and was a little short the last day, but once again I learned an important bike touring lesson: rationing. This is so you don’t feel bad about eating a big bag of M&Ms by yourself.
* Apple empañada
* Apple
* 2 cups of chocolate cereal and milk
* 2 packages of cookies
* 2 cups of candied peanuts
* 5 bananas, mushed from the ripio
* 2 salami and cheese sandwiches
* Half of a small meat and cheese sandwich from van driver
* Can of coke
* Liter of cider
* Liter of pineapple drink
* Noodles with a can of tuna and soup mix (0.8 L)
* Tons of water

You can see some ice falling in the photos as well as my peeling arm. Random, but I’m a random person. There’s also cereal and wine… two things I had been craving, my new artisan hand carved spoon (functional and needed souvenir), and a book some guy handed us (he talked for 5 minutes and we had no clue what he was saying).

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