Torres del Paine

On January 19, 2013

It’s pronounce ‘pine-ay’ for you English speakers out there. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Arriving in Puerto Natales for lunch, we decided to do a 5 day backpacking trip on this amazing Chilean park the next day, leaving at 8 am. Not crazy. I’m just heeding my fellow cyclist’s words to not pass up any opportunities to see something or do something because I may never be back. There’s plenty of time to cycle. Thanks, Florine (randomly saw them again walking out of the park – see the last picture)

We decided to hike the classic ‘W’ route. I didn’t have a backpack. Meet Mundo, my new Chilean pack. Rather than rent one for CH$5000 a day I bought one for CH$12000. It hurt. I also packed lighter than any OA trip could dream of… So the first day was a hike up to Grey Glacier. Pictures don’t really do it justice. We met a British guy named Ben on the boat before the hike. We also met a couple from Seattle and three park rangers from Denali. We met up and ran into these people all over. The next day we hiked down to where the ferry dropped us off. It was an easy day. We met Roos and Kiki, two girls from Holland who told us about this fantastic burger joint. They love chocolate almost as much as I do and even ate Nutella off the ground despite two Aussies offering them a new jar. Since it was a relaxing day we splurged on a beer at the lodge. So jealous of the rich people staying and eating at the lodges at every campsite.

The third day was pretty hard. Since camp Italiano was closed, we adjusted our itinerary to make this a big day. We hiked all the way up the French Valley and then over to camp Cuernos. The sights at the top of the valley were spectacular!

The fourth day we hiked over to the camp below the classic Torres. We then woke up the next morning to hike up again for sunrise, breakfast, coffee, and mountains. My favorite kind of morning. The only thing missing was chocolate… Yum…

After all of this I think KC and I are finally ready for a rest day. Washing clothes at the laundromat, eating a huge burger, showering, restocking groceries, starting some postcards, having a (micro)beer…. Not much of a day off.

Since I wrote this fast, here’s a few random things:

I’ve only burned myself twice on this trip. Once on my finger tip, the other on the bottom of my mouth. Don’t put boiling water in a squirt water bottle. Also surprising its so few times.

Both KC and I both broke our sporks in half. Mines pretty useless since I also broke the fork tongs.

I amaze people by how much I eat. I can eat a liter of rice and tuna. I finished a burger as big as my head faster than some hungry Aussies.

I now eat tuna.

The goal of life is to maximize caloric intake.

I have had coffee with cream and sugar for the first time and every time I can down here. Read the previous statement.

It’s 80 degrees here and too hot. I’m also peeling from my first sunburn. The hole in the ozone is too real.

I have not sent a single postcard but wrote three. I need to find stamps.

7 Responses to “Torres del Paine”

  • 1. I’m so proud you’re eating tuna. It’s delicious.
    2. My uncle, who biked across the US, used to tell me how much he ate on the trip when I lived with him. Given how little he eats compared to you on a normal day, I can only imagine…
    3. You need a like feature so I can like all of your pictures. I’ll tell cole. And make sure you get notifications.
    4. Do you actually read these??

  • I’m proud of your small number of burns. Someday you will learn to not touch hot things, until then, the fewer the better.

  • Mark, Love reading your updates….lets us “see” South America–although those rock faces, glaciers, lakes, etc I’m sure are even more spectacular in person! The boys want to know what bird is pictured. Tried google to no avail. I notice a theme with the shots of yourself in them…victory poses! 🙂 You are amazing….and probably getting more buff by the day, eh?

    • I have no idea what bird that is… I’m not up on my South American fauna. After today I do not feel very victorious nor buff…

  • So awesome Mark – what a trip. Drink it up!!

  • I really like the daisy. Big surprise. I’m just scrolling through past blogs because I have no life. I’ll just live vicariously through your awesome one!

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