To Chile

On January 11, 2013

Okay, so his name is KC. Which is “trail term” for “Kelvin from California.” He and I decided to meet at 9 in Rio Grande to head to San Sebastián (the border) which is 100 km away. Let me tell you, the wind was probably worse then yesterday but tailing KC was the only way I made it. I led for 30 km (if that). In my defense he has been biking all over the world since leaving the military. He flew from biking in Mianmar and Vietnam (5700 km) straight to Ushuaia to start South America. He already went biking in Spain and has plans to travel to Italy and South Africa next (probably not biking) and to bike across the US. So yeah… he has experience and legs of steel.

We camped at the border between Chile and Argentina. San Sebastián. I couldn’t believe I made it. There was no grocery store and I was running short on lunches. Very short. I ended up packing cooked pasta for lunches the nights before. So we headed out of Argentina towards Chile. 20 km of really bad ripio and strong winds. I was sucking that morning as KC put it. After lunch I got my strength back and we made it another 87 km to make it 107 km for the day. Killer. We slept in an abandoned fishing shack that a local fisherman fixed up for us. 5 star accommodations. No tent and I slept like a baby (the only one that could sleep out of 5 cyclists I later found out). I also watched The Godfather for the first time. Don’t judge me.

The final 55 or so km to Provenir was hilly (read impossibly hilly) and followed the coast. It was gorgeous. I did have to walk my bike once. After 160 km of ripio we finally got some paved roads in Provenir. We couldn’t get cash, so I was super hungry on the ferry. We met up with two other pairs of cyclists at the ferry. Small world! We had met all of them on the road earlier. So many stories. We all got the same room in the same hostel in Punta Arenas. KC and I decided to hold out on dinner until 8 when an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet opens. We demolished the place and packed away so many plates of food and ice cream it’s disgusting. The wind is supposed to get down to 40 km/hr come Sunday so the tentative plan is to leave then. Enjoy the pictures!

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