On January 8, 2013

Wind. I have a new respect.

I guess adjectives fall short here. You’ll just have to try biking in it sometime. My 17km/hr pace fell to 7km/hr going downhill. I walk at about 5 km/hr. In fact, if you stop pedaling downhill, you don’t coast; you stop. That combined with semis blowing you off the road was enough. The shoulder was loose gravel that took my bike down every time. I’d entertain myself by yelling at herds of cows and llamas. Really takes out the stress and its fun watching a heard run in confusion from a lone cyclist. There was even a cattle stampede across the road complete with gauchos. After making the first 30 km pretty fast, the next 20 took all of my effort and sanity. Hitting bottom I stuck my thumb out at a pickup that just dumped off some trash in a dumpster on a side road. As luck had it they picked me up and saved my sanity for one more day. I still have a few more days next to the sea…. Three really nice old gauchos and the only thing we could communicate was where I’m going next.

In Rio Grande I was dropped off. I had no map so I was completely lost. The first thing I find is a bakery. Score and a half. Two empeñadas and this apple filled dulce that looked like an empañada. Delicious. I asked for directions to camping and she drew me a map to this weird place. Still don’t know what it was. So I ask for a map. They tell me the museum has one. They did and show me different hotels. I decided to splurge since I was so beat. A super crappy tiny room with my own crappy bathroom to do laundry. AR$200. The guidebook warns this place is expensive. I later ran into the lady and her two kids at the museum while unsuccessfully looking for Internet. Diego was the younger one and he was four. So cute. I also tried alfajores while looking for Internet. Not that great.

I also met another USA solo cycler at the grocery store. He has about half the stuff and looks way buff. I asked to ride with him tomorrow and he agreed. He’s headed to Columbia. Ambitious! He also talked about Ignacio, a Lithuanian rider. I had met him earlier in Tierra del Fuego with the two Buenos Aires riders. Small world! I bet I last an hour with him, maybe less.

Also because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, being chased by dogs sucks. It’s happened 3 times. This is why I don’t like dogs.

Enjoy a few photos. The ones that make you go “huh?” are of the wind. Huh? The picture of me was yesterday when this super old lady watching the car for her son/daughter and their spouse fishing took it for me. She told me you don’t have photos of yourself after solo trips and she wanted to take one for me.

Also for the parents – last night there were wild golden finches at my campsite. And I just cracked into those mangos, dad…. and they’re gone. So amazingly delicious. Almost out of USA food.

3 Responses to “Wind”

  • I laughed out loud to the picture of your journal! Nice entry.

  • can i hire you to film an autobiographical short of you being chased by dogs? i can pay in homebrew or dollars, whichever you prefer…

    • I think it would be hard to film and be chased. I’ve heard water is good to spray at them. And yelling. And these Belgians have this ultrasonic device that scares them. But I’ll take a homebrew right now….

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