Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego

On January 4, 2013

As I sat here in this park all alone about to type up a post, a man approached selling lunch score. So it turns out I can’t find any alcohol for my stove. Damn. A new MSR that I have sitting at home costs AR$1,900. Double damn. This food looks delicious though.

I don’t care too much for the town of Ushuaia but Tierra del Fuego National Park is amazing. It is full if free camping with amazing views. The road up to it is gravel with just a few bad spots and all uphill. Coming back into town was pretty fast (probably because I left BOB behind).

Okay, enough with my fuel rant. Turns out that Spanish is pretty necessary. Even some tourist helpers don’t know it. I feel like I’m improving somewhat, which is good.

After assembling my bike I rode thought the town. Knowing the hostels were full, I headed up to some municipal camping spot on the way to Tierra del Fuego NP. It was next to a golf course, pretty crappy looking, and there was still plenty of light so I kept riding. My camp site was awesome. Since it is light so late I took a walkabout. I saw three packed bike by the head of a trail and sure enough, I found the owners. One Argentine couple was starting in Ushuaia then biking to Mendoza in 8.5 months while filming something. The other guy was Lithuanian and met them when he first rode into BA. He then rode down the coast and happened to meet them again. He’s going on some really epic South America multi-loop. Cool stuff though.

This morning it took me forever to pack. I’ll need to work on that. I decided to go into town to get fuel, which just left me frustrated. I think I’ll end up buying the stove. Since siestas are a thing, I’ll have to go back at 5 and pay in cash. Woo….

Sorry, I can’t caption this gallery.

All in all good first few days. I think I’ll stay here for two more nights then head out.

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