The South – Iceland day 3

On December 26, 2012

The morning in Vík was spent exploring the beach. The black volcanic pebbles and rocks making up the beach were worn very smooth. There was an arch on an island in the distance which looked neat with the morning fog. My favorite part was the large basalt columns that formed a cave underneath  This rock formation if very unusual growing up in Nebraska. There are also several stacks offshore in the ocean.

After Vík the drive west leads by Vatnajökull, the worlds third largest ice cap after Antarctica and the North Pole. It’s hard to comprehend the immensity of this ice. It looks like just a snow cap from a distance, but we were able to get close enough to the glacier arm Skaftafell to see what it looks like up close. Normally there is a large glacial lake at the base of the glacier making it difficult to touch, but since it was winter we were able to walk on it.

The night in Höfn was fancy dinner night. Delicious.

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