It fits!

On December 12, 2012

After my last requirement for college completed I decided to pack my South America gear. After years of slowly acquiring everything, it is finally in one bag. I first started buying my camping gear in 2009 for personal backpacking trips. I slowly bought enough that I could go backpacking with all of my own gear in 2011. My bike was purchased in the summer of 2012. All of my bike tools, extra parts, and BOB trailer were purchased during my last semester of school.

Organizing and acquiring gear for this trip was hectic. I’d make a list of everything I could think of that I didn’t have, buy it, then two weeks later repeat the process. This worked for the most part. I ended up with extra Schwalbe tires from changing my mind on sizes and styles. This isn’t necessarily bad as I can always use them in the future, but they are very expensive tires. Luckily my budget for the semester was very generous. After spending over double what I had planned on gear I still have some left over. I guess that makes me either very good or very bad at budgeting. I don’t think I was capable of planning my South America gear more precisely as I was juggling school, a trip to Iceland, my route in South America, my impending move to Seattle, family, friends, graduation, and staying sane. It all worked out and I’m happy with the volume and weight of everything in the end. I’ll also be able to survive the extreme cold with all of my winter gear, which will become important in the Bolivian winter and altitude.

Here’s a few pictures of my gear. It all fits in my BOB and handlebar bag! I’ll be putting my rear rack back on my bike just in case with a top bag or box for lunches. I won’t want to carry any extra weight, but if I need to expand my gear I can tie something to the rack. The only things missing are my Chacos and food. I even have 7 liters of water and ALL of my clothes packed (even the ones I’ll be wearing). Check out my South America gear page for more details. It has been updated with these new pictures.

3 Responses to “It fits!”

  • How long did it take to pack it? Most of it looks small enough that you can get to it and throw it back in their without too much trouble… nothing too oddly shaped or awkwardly large.

    Also, does this mean your room is at a recent-all-time-clean level?

    • Not clean. I unpacked some of it because I wanted to wear a coat. And I have so much other random stuff that I’ll have to move to Seattle eventually.

      It took around 1 hour to find everything in my apartment to photograph and pack. I’m really happy with how everything fits together.

  • just inspired me to try to kick my compulsive over-packing habit. I’ve never been so impressed in my life.

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